Utility and Environmental Services

Installation, Removal, and Repair Crews Available

For installation, removal, or repair of utilities and environmental concerns, contact Bayer Construction Company Inc. for exceptional workmanship and services. 

Our company and the crews who complete the work have a great deal of experience in this type of work through the Flint Hills region. 

Services for Public and Private Entities

  • Water lines:
    • Installation, removal, and repair
    • Public and private water systems
    • Connections to public utilities
    • Tapping into utility main pipes
    • Metered regulation
    • Backflow prevention
    • Experienced with PVC, DIP, and PCCP products
  • Sanitary sewer systems:
    • Installation, removal, and repair
    • Public and private sanitary sewer systems
    • Gravity mains
    • Lift stations
    • Experience with wastewater lagoon systems
  • Stormwater control:
    • Installation, repair, or design
    • Variety of stormwater control improvements
    • Underground detention
    • Retention ponds that let stormwater drop into the system via inlets or drains and flow to desired locations
  • Erosion control and stream bank protection:
    • Experienced with a variety of methods and materials
    • According to best management practices for stormwater control
    • Geotextiles
    • Rip-rap
    • Slope protection
    • And other methods
Digging work

Reap the Benefits of Our Labors

  • In business since 1935
  • Quality work at affordable prices
  • Jobs completed on time
  • 6 quarries conveniently located throughout North Central Kansas
  • Experienced and knowledgeable employees
  • FREE estimates
  • Employee-owned since 1993
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6 convenient quarry locations throughout North Central Kansas
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