About Us

Bayer Tradition

In 1993, Bayer Construction Company Inc. became an employee-owned company. We’re proud of the tremendous level of work achieved by our more than 140 employees. Contact us for all of your construction and material needs. Call 785-776-8839.
Wall construction

Company History

Bayer Construction Company Inc. was established in 1935 by Mr. Henry Bayer in response to The Works Progress Administration, renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration (WPA). The WPA hired millions of unemployed people to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads. 

Beginning in the 1950s, the company expanded its operations to add civil site preparation, water and sewer line construction, and heavy highway construction that includes asphalt and concrete paving. 

Today, the company operates portable crushing plants in several locations in the Flint Hills region of Kansas. The crushed limestone produced is used on projects throughout the area. 
Sand grading

Company Mission

Bayer Construction Company Inc. provides full-service commercial site preparation and quality construction materials using safe, efficient, and cost-effective methods to achieve outstanding results for our customers.  
Land work

Company Goals

  • Deliver outstanding construction services
  • Produce quality construction materials
  • Complete projects safely and efficiently
  • Develop a workforce of experienced construction professionals
  • Contribute to the improvement of our local communities
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